Apr 22, 2015

100 days!

So... time to motivate this bottom of mine and get lighter for the next junket! I'm pretty sure I should have been an air hostess or at the very least be the wife of a hot airline pilot!!! Anyways... in 100 days I'm off on my USA road trip with my best pal and I want *cue spice girls song* I REALLY REALLY want... to have my 10th stone in my paws before I go... is it achievable? Absolutely... but will I sabotage myself? NOT THIS TIME MAMA! After my mental and wardrobe 'spring clean' it's time to focus on tracking, exercising, weighing portions and getting the last few stone gone!

So a 100 day countdown it is... my pink tracker will be with me at all times, a birthday gift that I'm going to use well! I've added my chart below, if anyone wants to try a challenge for themselves feel free to print it out and tag along with me! (I can email a PDF to anyone who would like it!) It's a 100 day countdown which will bring us to the 1st of August 2015 starting today! That's 14 weeks and 2 days! 1 lb a week is a stone lighter before you face the beach or bare all to the rest of the summer folk... think about it... 

I'll be doing a weekly countdown post, I'm going to exercise everyday so I'll track my progress on instagram, just to keep me even more accountable! So if you fancy it, tag along with me and set yourself a goal... want to fit into that bikini? Get into the next stone bracket? get a silver 7 or even hit goal? We all need something to keep us motivated and summers nearly here, and August is the month when everyone is in holiday mode, how do you really want to feel when it comes around... it's easy to get sidetracked and 'wait till the kids go back to school' ...but the arms will be out, flip flops donned, shorts and swimming cossies with limbs bared all over the shop! We all know that feeling of dread... well that could be gone and filled to the brim with the feeling of confidence! Imagine what you could lose in 100 days! Who's with me?!

Apr 21, 2015

Popcorn from Ten Acre...

These little packets of savoury goodness were discovered in, what I call, the healthy aisle in my local SuperValu! Ten Acre Popcorn is Gluten, Dairy and MSG free and is available in 3 flavours... 

Ten Acre Sour Cream and Chive Popcorn - 4PP per 28g bag

Ten Acre Lime & Sea Salt Popcorn - 4PP per 28g bag

Ten Acre Sweet & Salty Popcorn - 4PP per 30g bag

Apr 20, 2015

It's not your door...

Ever feel like you're pushing and pushing and getting no where... maybe you're pushing the wrong door... sometimes you have to take a step back and look at what you've been doing and work out why it's not working for you... If ProPointing isn't the way... try Filling & Healthy... and vice versa... if you're not challenged by your exercise, do something different... I meet a man in my local park walking all the time... and one day he had changed direction... it was funny because I timed my laps on how quickly he got around the same circuit... this particular day he said.. 'I need more hills so I'm going backwards' and laughed heartily... The park I walk in is by no means 'hilly' but just by changing direction my walk was more challenging too... I have a long slow uphill as opposed to a quick steep incline and a long meander downhill... 

Little things will change our journey... small little things that you might think make no difference can make all the difference... 

Today look at what you're doing and change just one little thing it might make all the difference!

Apr 19, 2015

Sticky Mango Chicken with a Lemon Potato Salad...

Ok so I'm a little but obsessed with the recipes in this book at the moment but I love cookbooks that show me what the final result should look like when I'm finished cooking... and you could really lick every page of this one! 


This week... Sticky Mango Chicken with a Lemon Potato Salad! The mango chutney in this recipe gives the chicken a fab sticky glaze... Plus any excuse to eat salad after the soup fest over the last few months yeah?! *drools* 

The only change I've made from the book is I used spray oil on my potatoes instead of olive oil... mine were left overs and just needed crisping up... 

Whats in it?

4 breasts of chicken - 16PP ... 4PP per portion

75g mango chutney - 8PP ... 1tsp = 1PP
500g baby potatoes - 10PP ... 2PP per portion
2 tbsp tomato puree - 1PP
   The recipe uses tomato ketchup I just prefer puree...

Spray Oil
Lemon, zest and juice

Total ProPoints serving 4 - 35PP

Total ProPoints per portion - 9PP


Warm up the oven to gas mark 6/200C/180c Fan ... If you're cooking your potatoes from scratch, par boil them first then spray with oil, season and get them in the oven... 

Lightly spray a non stick pan and pop your chicken in to cook... 
I've used chicken strips, same weight as 4 breasts 
but looks like so much more on your plate!

Assemble your goodies in a bowl... I had no fresh chilli so I used crushed ones... 

and give them a good mix... 

get your chicken onto some foil... 
then brush the mixture liberally all over... 

Then under the grill for 10 mins, glazing as you go... 

Once the coating starts to caramelise, you want it all sticky and sweet... 
start to assemble! 

Lots of salad leaves, your crispy baby spuds, the yummy sticky chicken 
and a squeeze of lemon juice... finger licking good I tell ya! 

Quite the feast for 9PP! 

Now to find someone to do the washing up eh?!

Apr 18, 2015

'Tropical' Eton mess

So the holiday blues are settling in and with the GLORIOUS weather I had to keep the tropical momentum going... so Eton Mess with a tropical twist... made in minutes and SOOOOOO good! 

Whats in it?

1 Meringue nest - 1PP per person

1 scoop of Vanilla ice cream
    I've used Vanilla & Coconut Dairy Free from Nobo for 2PP 
    but you can use your fav ice cream and if you want to keep the 
    Propoints even lower try the Zero PP banana ice cream
    the original recipe is >>> HERE <<< 

Tinned pineapple in juice (NOT IN SYRUP!)
A squeeeeeze of Coconut Choc Shot
    I've only used a drizzle but if you use more you can PP like this... 
1 tsp, 5g - 0PP
2 tsp 10g - 1PP 
3 tsp 15g - 1PP
4 tsp 20g - 2PP

Total ProPoints for the recipe - 3PP
Total ProPoints per portion - 3PP


Set up your glass of choice, I've gone all hipster with this one... 

If you're not using fresh pineapple, drain your tinned and save the juice for a smoothie!

Pop it into your glass... 

Get your meringues... 

Layer them on top...  see what I mean by easy!

Top off with your ice cream, yoghurt etc... 

And a squeeze of Coconut Choc shot... et voila!

I squeezed my choc shot on top but if you wanna get all fancy pants... 
drizzle it down the sides before you start layering 
and you'll get some in every mouthful! 

A shot of rum wouldn't be a bad idea either! ahem... 

Enjoy! x

Apr 17, 2015


Now I'm not a brush-a-holic like the real beauty bloggers... I've been given make up brushes as gifts and a lot of the time I'm looking at them wondering what they're for! I have a few chosen ones, I love my Eco Tools foundation brush and my Flawless foundation and shading brushes are my trusted old friends ... 

I also stick with my fingers, blending professionals after all these years... but I was asked to try the O! WOW brush by Cailyn and it ain't like the others gals... it's ridiculously soft, doesn't leave strikes and works with ALL the creams... BB, powder, liquid foundation... all of em... it's the perfect mix between the standard 'flat' foundation brush and the newer 'round' buffing brushes... The bristles are tightly packed so it feels like velvet when you run your fingers over them... I'm always dubious when products make massive claims but it really gives a flawless finish... I used it with my tinted moisturiser and it blended it perfectly... 

Next up... idefine liquid eyeliner... If your a wingtip gal at the weekends, or just for putting out the bins... this is brilliant... it's small but perfectly formed and so easy to control! You know what I mean! The pigment is dense and jet black... I mean JET black!! I'm all about the slick eyeliner in the summer with a brush of colour... so I'm looking forward to using this lots!

Last up the BB compact... This is the 'not-gonna-spill-in-your-bag-ever!' BB cream... it dispenses the right out with a press of a button... the coverage was good and the finish quite matt so you'll need to add a hint of high lighter to give you a bit of glow... but the compact itself is lovely, great little mirror and the way it dispenses means you're not going to be binning any of it...

LV ESSENTIALS is 100% Irish owned and operated, and growing its product list all the time... check them out online >>> HERE <<<

How much? 
O! Wow Brush €29.99
BB Fluid Compact €29.99
BB Fluid Refill €22.99
Idefine Liner €15.99