Jul 22, 2014

Proper like... Popcorn!

I'm all about the savoury snacks at the moment and these are delish... also one of the lowest pointed popcorns around... PROPERCORN come in three flavours, I tried the Sour cream & chive flavour for 3PP and its YUM! Crisp addicts TA DA!!! Not the easiest to find but they are out there... go forth my savoury junkies! 

PROPERCORN - Sour Cream & Chive - 3PP per 20g bag

PROPERCORN - Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-dried Tomato - 3PP per 20g bag

PROPERCORN - Lighted Sea Salted - 2PP per 20g bag

Jul 21, 2014

Twister... #ManicureMonday

Yup... summers here... so I've added a 'twist' (geddit?!?! Twist?! Twister?! sigh...) to this weeks Mani-Monday! 

The gorgeous lime green is Essence Colour & Go in L.O.L., you can get it in Pennys/Primark, Dunnes and lots of pharmacies... 

The white is 'SPILLED MILK' from Top Shop... 

The stripes were done with Kiss Nail Art Brush in White... I got this in a Christmas 'nail art' kit and I've used it LOADS!

The 'Twister' decal is from Nail Doodles, you'll find them on Etsy >>> HERE <<<

Altogether now... 'C'mon lets twist again... like we did last summer...' 
I'll stop now... ;)

It's not me... it's YOU! #MondayMotivation

Does anyone else have a friend in their life that just drains every ounce of energy out of them?! Can't just be me right?!?! This weekend I had some long hard talks with a good friend who's opinion I really trust... Yes, there was gin, vodka, weight watchers sausages and buckets of cinder coffee involved but it was 'deep and meaningful no holds barred all night' kinda chats and I could tell her anything and know it was OK, I wouldn't be judged and she wouldn't call the cops... but when I waved her off last night, I realised I needed a new mantra... 

Good friends are really important, I'm talking the ones who will lend you bail money... and they're really hard to find... sometimes you invest your energy and give it your all but it's doomed ... no matter how hard you try to make it work for you, eventually you realise that it's not you... it's just not! Trust me!

This week... if someone is begin a negative Nancy... or someone is draining you and not supporting you, really supporting you... lose 'em... if someone is dumping all their drama on you AGAIN... breathe deep and remember... it's not you.... it's THEM!!! You're not a bad person if you put yourself first... 

As we get older... we outgrow people... as you lose weight, you learn who is really behind you cheering you on... and although people might start off shaking their pom poms for you... are they there when you really need support? I mean REAL support... When you feel like giving up, are they there? If any alarms bells are ringing... just remember, out loud...  'It's not me.. its YOU!'

Jul 19, 2014


Now you all know I don't fall for hype with new products... I'm very, VERY wary when people wax lyrical about a miracle product, there's always an incentive.. I think all my years in marketing has made me suspicious! However... this is something you'll all want and need... I swear! 

No matter what age you are... and trust me young 'uns, don't think when you hit the next 'big' birthday all your zit worries will be gone... thanks to our fabulous hormones and every other factor on the planet, most of us will get spots FOREVER... dun .. dun... DUUUNNNNNN... feck... 

Now people with acne and serious skin problems have medical solutions and specific foods to avoid to help with break outs... but for the rest of us, it's periods, stress and a few days of crappy food that can set us up for a breakout... 

Squeezing is a no... you'll just be left with a scar and the feckers will spread... most of the lotions and potions I've tried in my time have been slow or just didn't work and I had to ride it out ... we've all tried toothpaste and god knows what else... but from now on... all you're gonna need is Dream Dots for Spots! 

I had to wait for my hormones to kick in for a volcano to erupt on my nose... pretty huh? before I could really test these out... and no lie... 24hrs later it was practically gone! 

So how do they work? Basically you're applying a teeny tiny patch over the zit for the night, and it can work its magic! AND because it's sealed even if you're faffing about and you try to squeeze or touch it, it's sealed tight so you're not spreading the germs about... you know how you have to check it every 2 seconds!?!

You clean you face like usual, pop it over the spot and hit the pillow... overnight it works its magic! When you get up in the morning... it will have changed from a clear to white, that just means it's worked! Gunk be gone! 

Apologies for the close up snout shot but look volcano!!! They recommend you repeat the process over three nights but after the first night, Mount Etna was genuinely going down... it was substantially less red and the 'pain' was practically gone too... All I needed was a bit of concealer and I was good to go...  I stuck with it and after the 2nd night it was all but gone... 

These are fab... AND they're IRISH! I know! When you feel that feckin tingle, or you've a big night out, these are for you... they're perfect for a bridesmaid kit if there's a panic the night before or if you know someone with a debs coming up, or you just want it gone without the messing, these do the job! 

I highly recommend them, they're available is most pharmacies now and they're €15 for 24 dots... 

They can be found online  >>> HERE <<< 

AND two of Irelands bestest beauty vloggers rave about them too, so its not all hype I swear! 

check out Susan Jackson over on SoSueMe >>> HERE <<< 

and Melanie Murphy >>> HERE <<<

We've been saved!!! 

Jul 16, 2014

Farmer Browns - Brunch Club!

The other morning I was on my way back from an airport pick up... my family never seem to stay put... so we pit stopped in the traffic on Bath Ave to have some munchies in Farmer Browns... This place is fabulous! You'll be queueing on a Sunday morning so get there ahead of the hangover types... 

I'm a regular here... the parking is free at the weekends on most of the roads nearby and it was within walking distance for one of my gal pals... and recently its had a little face lift! 

Again its one of those quirky little out of the way places that people seem to know someone, who knows some one, who's been there... 

All the chairs and tables are different and its so quaint.. you can sit inside or outside.. and although its tightly packed you're not really on top of each other, but you will need to move the tables to squeeze in and out... but its SO worth it... 

We were the first customers the other day so I was able to take lovely pics without people giving me the evils thinking I'm stalking them! What?! It happens! 

By the time we left, the place was half full and the reserved signs were all over the place for lunch bookings... 

I indulged in the Sausage sandwich... it was breakfast and lunch together so I was covered points wise... 

The traveller had a pulled pork sandwich which I stole a mouthful without them knowing and it was AMAZING... carnivores... you're ALL set! 

Best thing... their sweet potato fries... no really... couple of months ago before a big game in Lansdowne Road *c'mon Leinster*...  a gang of us had munchies there and everyone raved about them.... just trust me on this one... have to be tasted to be believed... 

Hair of the dog, if you just can not cope!

ALWAYS ask for the specials!

For the sweet toothed amongst you... plus there's a fab little cake stand with rice crispy cakes and rocky roads... swoon... check out the amazing home made lemonade too!

All their meat is organic and local... and delicious! 'The Starvin Marvin' (Full Irish to you and me... ) is available all day long so what ever time you crawl out from under the duvet you'll be looked after...

The out door seating area has heating if it gets nippy and is dog friendly! I've seen many bow wows coming from their walk on Sandymount napping under the table...

If you're on your tod, no need to stare into your phone like Billy-no-mates... grab the paper or a mag and watch the world go by... if you see a half finished crossword, you're welcome!

Out front is a fab little garden with strawberries... rhubarb... herbs... freshly picked for  your lunch...

It's a perfect spot to just sit and have a gossip with a fancy cup of tea or face plant a burger when you're starvin' ...

The artwork on the walls changes regularly and is available to purchase... This Little  Piggy nearly came home with me...

Follow them on twitter to see what's cooking and for yummy pics >>> @farmerbrownsdub

or you'll find them here on FB ... https://www.facebook.com/farmerbrownsdublin

Jul 15, 2014

You can stop looking now!

You can all stop looking... I've found it... the holy grail of popcorn!!! No really!!! Walkers Sensation Popcorn in Sweet Indian Spices is all you're ever going to need again... *drools*

As a savoury gal my 'research' in crisp tasting is extensive... all for you people you know... Selfless ... I'm just selfless... I haven't even tried the Cinnamon & Salt or the Thai Sweet Chilli (if you have comment below and let us know if they're just as yummy!) but the Sweet Indian Spices is just the hit for anyone who can't be bothered with chocolate...

The damage... 13PP for the large 90g pack or 4PP for the 30g portion (diet maths again!) but to me... worth every ProPoint! 

Sweet Indian Spices - 13PP per 90g pack (4PP per 30g portion)

Sweet Cinnamon & Salt - 13PP per 90g pack (4PP per 30g portion)

Thai Sweet Chilli - 13PP per 90g pack (4PP per 30g portion)