Mar 28, 2015

Brunch club does 'Brunch Club' ...

So.. Brunch club.. went to... um... Brunch Club... and OH MY!
Lovin Dublin run #LovinBrunch and it was ALL the yums... Tickets were €20...
This was the second Brunch Club they have run and honestly well worth the money! 

First up.. cocktail and beer vouchers at the door! I mean I ask ya! It's like they know me!


 Not only was it a 6 Nations weekend
but it was Paddies Weekend and Mothers day so it was all go!

Lots of cupcakes bedecked in the tricolour on every table...


Once the drinks were in... it was off to the 'smorgasbord' as my mother would say...
this was NO buffet I tell ya... 

from pastries to smoked salmon and some the nicest brown bread EVER... 

to fruit and cheese for those being... ahem... 'good' 

as well as danish pastries and cinnamon swirls...
there were cream cheese and bacon mini bagels..


and of course there were the usuals for a fry... clonakilty pudding and sausages,
bacon, roasted baby tomatoes and mushrooms all for the pick'n'mix fans!

There was also a 'pancake station' that I never even got to see!!! 
So clearly I HAVE to go back again!


and if you haven't been to House on Leeson St.. make a visit.. 
and try to sit out the back at the long bar... it's a perfect spot after work for a drink... 

Check out Lovin Dublin online >>HERE<< about future events or just to find new haunts in town to hang out in! You'll find everything about House Dublin >> HERE << 

Mar 26, 2015

Stick with it...

So... let's go over the last few weeks... 3 gains! Not exactly 'Miss Inspirational 2015' now am I?! Put the tiara away lads... The first one +0.5lb I totally deserved, there was cocktails, rashers and rugby and it was epic... I think I used my 49 weeklies nearly 3 times in fact the scales should have been MUCH worse! 

The other two, NO WAY! I was that model student... the class swot... and wouldn't you know... after all the drama and sads of the last week... can I remind you of the 'Tesco-crying-in-the-car-park-incident'... a massive loss! 6.5lbs! I KNOW!

Last week when I was an emotional wreck, someone very wise told me...

If you've earned it... the scales will reward you... 

maybe not today... may be not this week but if you've worked for it.. it will show! Our bodies work on their own system so our metabolism, extra exercise, medication all work against it and it rebels... so let it catch up with you... I don't work for Weight Watchers but I can tell you this for sure... if you do the programme properly... it works!

So the lesson this week... no giving up... Last week I was totally prepared to throw in the towel, take a couple of weeks off until after my holiday and live with the consequences... how happy am I today! 

Mar 25, 2015

Desserts from the Farm!

For all the sweet teeth out there! Puddings, desserts, afters.. whatever you call it, for some people its the best part of dining out! So here's three Irish made desserts from Glenilen Farm that will hit the spot... I'm told, by a dessert 'expert', (her words not mine!) the Pannna cotta is 'to die for'! I spotted them in Supervalu... They also have a new range of 'Light' yogurts I'll be posting... Stay tuned! x

Glenilen Farm Indulgently Chocolate Mousse 80g - 7PP

Glenilen Farm Coconut & Passionfruit Panna Cotta 100g - 6PP

Glenilen Farm Zesty Lemon Cheesecake 80g - 7PP

You can find out more about Glenilen Farm and their products ... 

Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE
Online - HERE

Mar 24, 2015

My birds aren't fat...

The birds in my garden aren't fat... they're very well fed... in fact they're pretty spoiled! I feed them in the morning whilst I'm boiling the kettle... I buy them nuts and seeds... I hang up tasty little balls of suet fat for them, where neither the magpies nor the neighbours cat can get at them... they have a fresh bird bath ever week... and for the winter the BBQ becomes a runway for my feathered friends... in fact I have a little robin who is getting a little demanding right now.... and isn't one bit afraid of me! Chirping away in protest when something isn't to his liking!

But he's not fat.. despite having a full buffet in front of him every day... he knows when to stop!

He fluffs about all day ... chirping ... sometimes just sits on the fence in the morning sun with his eyes closed which I just love to see ... he has his own little routine and it's fascinating to watch, but he knows how to stop eating when he's full... he listens to his body... Something he is teaching me!

It's WAY to easy to be over weight these days, that's not an excuse, convenience food has been the demise of our health... it's cheaper to buy 4 large sausage rolls at the deli counter than a punnet of fruit... we can eat strawberries in December, which taste NOTHING like the ones ripened by the sun in the summer and not bat an eyelid... Life is so much faster now... not so long ago, everyone had seasonal fruit and veggies... for a reason.. they're fresher... cheaper... they taste better... anything that has to be forced in a greenhouse and fed isn't in it natural form...

My birds are very picky.. took me ages to work out why some weren't eating certain nuts whilst the blackbirds devoured them.. they only eat what is good for them.. they only eat what they need... and in winter its kinda tough so my little bird house just helps them along, but it's not a binge-fest!

Maybe if we listened to our bodies more.. took a day off from 'DEAR GOD IT'S 1PM I MUST HAVE LUNCH!' and had lunch when we were actually hungry and ate what we really, REALLY wanted... just listened to our bodies, no one would be on a diet! We don't really want chocolate.. our bodies have been conditioned to want chocolate, especially my generation... TV dinners were magic when I was a kid.. space food no less! But my mum always had stew in winter.. salads in summer... and because money was tight junk food didn't feature in my diet until I had to fend for myself!

I recently read a book by Michael Pollan about 'Food Rules'... and it's something my grandmother could have told you... only eat what is in season... if something has an ingredient you can pronounce it's not suppose to be in your body... anything with more than 5 ingredients isn't fresh and is officially called 'processed' .. how many of our grannies had processed food? and this is less than 50 years ago... Chocolates were a treat, not a daily snack to keep our energy up... coffee wasn't on tap... maybe today be like the birds and listen to what your body needs and wants... 

Mar 23, 2015

Weigh in 5! Easter Challenge!

2 weigh-ins to go... just two! Where did those weeks go?! So... 2 weigh-ins means 2 lbs... could be enough to put you into a new stone on the scales, might get you a silver 7, will definitely make a pair of jeans a little looser! So after a disastrous week in my camp... between a day out with mum for Mothers Day, Paddies Day and the rugby celebrations it's time to get the heads down and really focus...

The lovely people in Weight Watchers Ireland have donated their new cookbook and some other goodies as prizes, and it's a good one, so two more losses and there will be post for someone!!! If you're struggling, read some of the success stories on their website, you'll see just how everyone struggles and loses focus along the way but you can get back on track I promise! Plus the ProPoints calculator is a god send when you're stuck! >>> HERE <<<

Also the lovely people in Choc Shot have given me some of their Chocolatey goodness to curb the Easter egg cravings and reward the losses! I love the plain stuff... just enough in a drizzle to curb those cravings... >>> HERE <<< but the orange has that extra kick!!!! Low GI / GL; suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans; GM, dairy and gluten Free, its a choc fix for pretty much everyone! Its also very versatile... check out some fabulous recipes online here >>> HERE <<< 

It ProPoints like so... 
1 tsp, 5g - 0PP
tsp 10g - 1PP 
3 tsp 15g - 1PP
tsp 20g - 2PP
tsp 25g - 2PP
tsp 30g - 2PP
tsp 35g - 3PP
tsp 40g - 3PP
tsp 45g - 3PP
10 tsp 50g - 4PP 
Whole bottle 320g - 24PP

Chart below... if I've missed you out just shout here or on the post on the FB page... >>> HERE <<< Only two weeks left!!! 

Mar 19, 2015

Skinny-butt-kicking-karma please...

I don't usually make a blog post about my weigh-ins but today was just disastrous and I'm all about sharing the good and the bad on this trip...

I'm up 2.5lbs this week... 2.5!!! Holding the tears back at the scales... I know I'm PMT'd, I'm practically a human fish bowl, I know I was good, I didn't go mad for Paddies Day and I know it will probably show next week but that feeling of failure is still there after all this time... That feeling of giving up never really leaves you...

I went food shopping at lunchtime and had a little cry in the car... apologies to anyone who saw the snivelling women giving herself a good talking to in the mirror in Tescos car park around 1.30pm... silly I know but sometimes it just seems like I'm never going to get there but you know what, a good cry really helps! Yes I'm 5 dress sizes smaller, yes I can do things I couldn't do three years ago... but it's still hard... really hard sometimes...

Class today was all about positivity and honestly every one of us left feeling positive... many of us were in the 'I wasn't going to come group...' 

My awesome leader Michelle said one thing that stuck with me today...

So that is what I've done... What's done is done... Time to put the arse back in gear and keep going! The weekly shop is done and all the good stuff is in the house... I have kicked myself in the butt and am not giving up... come too far on this road to stand still because of one weigh in!

Send all the 'skinny-butt-kicking-karma' my way... ta x

Mar 18, 2015

Cool beans...

Sometimes you just get bored with the same old thing... I love beans... nothing like them on toast or a baked potato... but, like butternut squash soup, come this time of year you tend to get a but fed up with the same thing, so trying something new keeps you on track... these are 'Cool Beans!", I spotted 3 varieties...  Smokey, Chilli and Original! 

All work out at 9PP per pot or 2PP per 100g serving... 

Find out more