Aug 1, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to the supermarket...

Yesterday I was up in Belfast... I have a client based there and in the interests of networking and goodwill I make the journey up to hand over work and put a face to the emails so to speak... plus expenses right!?!

When I'm up there... I take the opportunity to pop into the shops... ASDA is still a fav since UNI ... Matalan for house things... Boots... I know, I know, it's the same but ya never know right?! There's a massive New Look that I pass and I'd hate to miss a bargain!

Pretty new cushion that I did not need at all! 

So once all the work was done, I decided to do a little food shop in Sainsburys on the way home... it's the little things that excite me... bless... I faffed about in the car park and got a space eventually pretty much near the main entrance... opposite the taxi rank... 

I went inside... did my shopping... took some pics of products for posts on here... bought bold things for the Bank Holiday weekend... and made my way back to the car... 

As I passed with my little trolly... 5... FIVE taxi drivers thought it was OK to comment on my size... these were all middle-aged fat balding men... and by fat I mean beer barrel bellies! Not a Brad Pitt amongst them... with the kind of fashion sense even GOK couldn't deal with... A Weight Watchers leaders DREAM to get 'em on the scales! But these perfect human specimens thought they could say whatever they liked... 

'fucking size of her...' 'the fat ones are always more willing' *cue hysterical laughter*... 'you wouldn't want her on top though would ya...' Hilarious they were... laughing pretty much to my face as I put my bags in the car... inside, I was dying! I wanted to punch them... I wanted to shout 'do you know ANYTHING about me?!?! How fucking dare you!' ALL the swear words were on the tip of my tongue... but if I lashed out, wouldn't I be just as bad as them? Or some crazy woman kicking off? Sure weren't they only having a laugh... 

They continued staring... smirking... giggling at how funny they were and I knew I had to pass by them again to put the trolley back... honestly in my head I'd have happily shoved it 'accidentally' into one of their cars but why should I? Why should they be allowed to make me feel like that? 

So as I walked past them for the second time... I held my head up... I wasn't going to do anything but ignore them... but one of them sniggered and set them all off... and I paused... and I snapped... most unlike me... normally I'd have driven off crying and found the nearest petrol station and fed my misery... but no... not today! Today I spun around... looked every one of them up and down, like they were a piece of dirt on the ground and I asked them in the sweetest voice I could muster... 'So none of you have a mirror at home? Really?! I find that amazing in 2014! Taxi drivers in Dublin wouldn't get away with looking like THAT... You should all REALLY invest!' then turned on me heels and got the hell outta dodge! I believe they were floored... gobsmacked... it's probably the first time someone has dared to answer them back! 

Was I mean? Maybe... Am I as bad as them? Could be... Do I care? NO! But I reckon I'm not the only woman who has had cutting remarks thrown her way from those assholes... I suspect they stand about waiting for fares having a good old laugh at normal decent people who are easy targets... Has some tall girl been slagged by them? Some flat chested girl? A girl with red curly hair? A sassy blonde? or someone who they don't deem pretty enough? 

Over the past week, people I interact with online have been fat shamed... beautiful, funny, fabulous women, have been made to feel like shit!

I'm am officially calling people out if they dare to pass a remark on me from now on! Name and shame is my new policy! I'll ask them to repeat whatever they've said nice and loud, so I can be VERY clear on what they're saying about me, before I rustle up a reply... I will shame them for bullying me! These people have little to be doing with their time if all they can do is insult me... This new attitude is getting big and bold but NO ONE has the right to make me feel bad about myself! 

and I expect the same from all of you! *wags fingers* 

and just to help the attitude problem I got silver 7 number 15 yesterday too!!! 
7 stone 9lbs gone!

Jul 29, 2014

Crispy cravings...

A few low ProPoint 'crisps' for those who can't satisfy that craving with choccie... The first three are from the M&S Guilt Free Snacking Range, I've only tried the BBQ one ...The last two are smaller bags but well worth the points on flavour and just satisfying that craving!  

M&S Cheese & Onion Popped Potato Chips 23g bag - 95 Calories - 3PP

M&S Salted Popped Potato Chips 23g bag - 95 Calories - 3PP

M&S BBQ Wholegrain Snack 23g bag - 130 Calories - 4PP
I actually tried these... lovely flavour but 4PP is high for the quantity you get... 
I'm all about getting my moneys worth for my points! 

THESE are delish... 2PP for 19g bag (they come in a six pack) and there's a few flavours to choose from ... my leader loves the Sour Cream version and there's a Salt 'n' Vinegar too... 

Again these come in a 6 pack of 19g bags, but the bag is full, no fresh air in there! 
Dontchya hate that... half a bag of air... the disappointment! 
3PP per bag...

Jul 28, 2014


In keeping with the 'Ice pop' manicures, this week it's the Super Split! Remember them... the ice pop WITH ice cream inside... one of the Skinny Mums favs! 2PP by the way... 

The 'ice pop' decal is from Nail Doodles! >>> HERE <<< 

The nicest 'orange' polish I have come across in my quest for the holy grail of varnish is called exactly that, "Orange" by Kelly Brook available in New Look...

The white is 'spilled milk' from Top Shop, I love their polishes... small bottles, lotsa colours and cheapy cheap! 

I'm still practising with my dotting tool so I went a bit Mary Quant on the other hand! 

Anything to spur on the summer and keep this sunshine going eh?! 

Too good, too true and too close for comfort!

This crossed my path and I thought it was too good, too true and a little too close to the bone personally, not to share... 

Always give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. When you say, “I love you”, mean it. When you say, “I’m sorry”, look the person in the eye. Never laugh at anyone’s dreams. People who don’t have dreams don’t have much. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it’s the only way to live life completely. Don’t judge people by their relatives. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk. Don’t let a little dispute injure a great friendship and when you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it and most important, spend some time alone..."

Have a good week... xxx

Jul 25, 2014

Whip me! Chocolate tarts!

Oh behave yourselves! The heat is getting to you... ok so a quickie recipe, well less recipe more ensemble if you will... 

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a posh 'dinner do' and was asked to bring 'dessert', now normally I'd be baking like a trooper but you know when you're just not in the mood... well I just wasn't in the mood... so a quick root around the cupboards to see what I could put together et voila! Chocolate mousse tarts... Tangent: I really want the woman on master chef to describe my food... 

So... the sweet pastry tarts are 2PP each... the Weight Watchers 'Whip' is 2PP per pack and I got 3 well filled 'tarts' for that...

the rest is whatever you've got to hand... mini marshmallows, buttons, chocolate sauce, loads fruit and get decorating... root about in the baking cupboard...

To make the mousse... easy... whisk it up in milk and DONE as Gordon would say!

PLUS think of the activity points you earn if you just use a whisk! 

These are 2PP per tartlet, I know M&S so a similar version when I find out how they work out I'll update it here... Tesco also do 'mini' ones which are 1PP each.. 

1 Pack of the Chocolate Whip gave me 3 well filled tarts... Leave them in the fridge for about 30mins and ta da!!! they'll all think you've been SLAVIN' away and there's only one bowl to wash up! 

Then get decorating, which is the fun part! Lotsa fruit for the people watching their points... and full on choccie overload for the rest!

 I bought the heart shaped biccies in M&S for Valentines day, they were just about in date!

et voila! Done in 20 mins, ProPoint friendly and yes that is lego cutlery! 

Happy weekend everyone x

Jul 22, 2014

Proper like... Popcorn!

I'm all about the savoury snacks at the moment and these are delish... also one of the lowest pointed popcorns around... PROPERCORN come in three flavours, I tried the Sour cream & chive flavour for 3PP and its YUM! Crisp addicts TA DA!!! Not the easiest to find but they are out there... go forth my savoury junkies! 

PROPERCORN - Sour Cream & Chive - 3PP per 20g bag

PROPERCORN - Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-dried Tomato - 3PP per 20g bag

PROPERCORN - Lighted Sea Salted - 2PP per 20g bag